Topics Slated for South Dakota & Michigan Retreats

I’m honored to be speaking for two retreats during the fall of 2014. Our focus will be on “Man Up!” Becoming the Spiritual Leader God has Called You to Be.”

Here’s our tentative schedule:

Friday PM: Four Cornerstones of Family Spiritual Leadership. Learn about 4 immovable and essential principles that can serve as the undergirding of the role you play inside your family.

Saturday AM: The Essentiality of Character. A man without self control is like a city broken into and left without walls, Proverbs 25.28. A lack of character has killed the influence of many a man. Learn about the importance of character and discover ways to build it into your life.

Saturday PM: How to Grow Your Influence for Christ. Anyone can teach what is right. It is much harder to live what is right. Effective leadership begins with personal devotion to God. Learn from an Old Testament man and a New Testament man who built a strong influence for God. You can follow their path.