Over the last six years, Impact Retreats has helped over 100 different men improve their spiritual lives. We’ve challenged our participants to be better husbands, fathers, and leaders. Many have found their time with us well spent. But, don’t take it from us, here are a few men we’d like you to hear from:

What our participants are saying

I moved out to Chillicothe to work and train to be a minister. This was the first and only year, so far, that I have been to one of the impact retreats. The name does say a lot for it. I can't believe the connection made between the men that weekend. It's wonderful to grow that close to other brothers. To find out that they too struggle with many of the same issues you do. I often felt alone in my struggles with sin, yet we got down and dirty on these topics. Had a blast building bonds, studying God's word, playing sports and just messing around with each other. This is the adults version of Bible camp. What a blessing to be a part of it.

Derrick VictorChillicothe, OH

Having attended all of the IMPACT retreats thus far; tells you what IMPACT means to me. First of all it's a chance to be out in nature that the Lord has given us even for just a little while. Second I have one weekend a year that I can be with like minded people (Brethren) who are serious about serving the Lord our God. My brothers are serious about being the kind of men we ought to be. From the first night of enjoying a grill cooked meal and spending time with these men is encouraging in so many ways that I cannot begin to tell you how much it means to me. I spend 363 days in the world except in worship service and during these 36 hours I spend with my brethren I am surrounded by Godly men. We worship the Father together, we play together, we eat together, and we share rooms together and often here is where we can gain the most strength to carry us through until the next year.

Ed MajorIndianapolis, IN

I am so thankful for the Impact Men's retreat. I leave each retreat feeling spiritually stronger, more supported and empowered to accept the role that God has blessed me with. Being around other men with similar struggles and opening God's word in a setting of God's creation; is the icing on the cake. I love being a part of the retreats, and would suggest it for any man whether he is a new or mature Christian.

Jason SchofieldBellbrook, OH

Hello brothers! I think you should really consider attending the Impact Retreat if you are able. I went last year and it honestly changed my life! To see your Christian brothers so open and honest about life and their relationship with God is very uplifting! This year's event will be a personal milestone for me as it will be one year since I quit smoking and Sheryl and I were both baptized three days later! We were sitting around the fire and I was talking of my need to quit smoking and Daniel said, "You can't do it without God!" You know what? He was right!! God is Good!!

Brian RoseberryChillicothe, OH