How an Impact Retreat Can Boost Your Spiritual Life

Impact Retreats can make a real difference in your relationship with God. Check out the following testimonial we recently received from Ed Major, who hails from Indianapolis.


I have attended all of the IMPACT retreats thus far; tells you what IMPACT means to me. First of all it’s a chance to be out in nature that the Lord has given us even for just a little while. Second I have one weekend a year that I can be with like minded people (Brethren) who are serious about serving the Lord our God. My brothers are serious about being the kind of men we ought to be. From the first night of enjoying a grill cooked meal and spending time with these men is encouraging in so many ways that I cannot begin to tell you how much it means to me. I spend 363 days in the world except in worship service and during these 36 hours I spend with my brethren I am surrounded by Godly men. We worship the Father together, we play together, we eat together, and we share rooms together and often here is where we can gain the most strength to carry us through until the next year. Sitting down with a brother or two and discussing our trials, our hope of heaven, what has transpired with each of us during the last year.

On the first night (Fri) we gather with brethren after our meal and have devotional. Usually we will have a invited speaker that will lead us for the weekend. Some of these men attending IMPACT I have known since or before I started attending this weekend. Some are new brethren to me.

Saturday begins with breakfast where we all gather around the bacon, eat until we are filled and then we gather around a camp fire for our second devotional. This time together in God’s word is wonderful and it is bringing us all closer together in Him. It also is bring us much closer are brethren. Friday night is like an “ice breaker” we get to see old and new friends and welcome everyone of like faith. Saturday afternoon is free time to go with brothers and enjoy activities that the different groups can think up. Last year many went to play disk golf. Others chose up teams to play touch football. Others gathered around tv’s in a room to watch their favorite college football team. Others head to Amish country. Still others nap after being up talking till the wee hours.

Then, on Saturday evening we gather again usually around the grill for hamburgers, hot dogs, grilled chicken with all the fix’ins. Then we all head to the camp fire again for our third and final devotional. We will sings old and new songs about God and our Savior. We pray, and then we hear a lesson that the speaker has prepared. We listen intently as the fire flickers in front of us on a cool autumn evening as we discuss openly about the lesson we are hearing. By now we have grown close and are all beginning to feel sad. This wonderful weekend is quickly coming to an end. For some of us we will not see each other until this time next year. Our brethren from Canada who have made the 8-9 hour journey to be with us. The Indianapolis group who will be making their four hour drive back home. The hudlems from Dayton and their two hour journey. But most of all that Saturday night after we have been with Godly men, the gloves come off. The conversation turns to a much deeper level. Somewhere only men united in the Holy Spirit would dare to go. We often open our hearts to one another speaking of our deepest desires as Christian men, leading in our homes, loving our wives, raising our children, and most of all serving our God. We talk of our successes, we talk of our failures, and we encourage and show love to one another. Then………the time has gone, it’s time to go to bed, the fire is just burning embers. Off to bed lying in your bunk thinking that we have seen just a small glimpse of what heaven will be like as sleep creeps upon us.

Sunday morning, no bacon today, but better yet we are going to worship our God who has blessed us with a weekend we will not forget………….until the next IMPACT which will be better yet. Can’t wait to be with you all again. May God bless you and keep you safe until we meet again.

Ed Major